Innovation Starts Here

Our Vision :

Online shopping is one of the most popular online activities worldwide but only a handful sellers are registered online. FemizaTech aims at revolutionizing the e-commerce space by connecting offline retail/trade sector with online and making the Omni channel smooth.

What We Do?

Through SellZmart we empower Homepreneurs/small sellers/NGOs/housewives and rural skilled class through our smart solutions. We help them come online faster and establish a strong online business presence within hours.

Our Promise :

We love to see you grow. We promise to work tirelessly to help you establish a strong online presence.

Our Story :

FemizaTech started as a solution to a problem . It was initially started as an online platform for Jewelries from different parts of India. It was after the launch of the online marketplace and talking with large number of sellers, we came across different problems surrounding the e-commerce market. The most prominent one among them was the “hassles of uploading products”. We noticed that even though most of the sellers were hesitant selling through marketplaces they were generating big sales through Whatsapp and Facebook messengers. It was then the idea of Sellzmart was crafted. We decided to leverage modern technologies like Image processing, AI, ML and deep learning to connect these channels and provide an exposure to those sellers. After developing expertise over time, Femiza Services was established to lend our expertise to others and to support Femiza.